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2014-2015: Post Graduate program, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, France.

2011: Masters in Fine Art (MFA), Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2009: Completed one year course; "Animals as a Therapeutic Tool Among the Mentally Disabled," David Yellin College of Education, Jerusalem.

2009: Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA), Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.

2004: Completed one year course; Professional Makeup Course (Fashion and

Theatre Track) at Yarin Shahaf Institute, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2003-2004: Completed one year of Fashion Design studies at the Shenkar School of

Engineering and Design, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2003: Graduated high school, Sisters of Saint Joseph – Nazareth, Israel.


Previous Employment Experiences

2019: Photo-Video Shooting, Paris Fashion week A/H 2019, Paris, France.

2009-2018: Faculty Member, Dar al-Kalima University College for Arts & Culture,

Bethlehem, Palestine.

2009-2014: Lecturer, Dar al-Kalima University College for Arts & Culture, Bethlehem, Palestine.
2013-2014: Lecturer, Sakhnin College- Academic for Teacher Education, Jerusalem.

2013-2014: Lecturer, Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem.
2010-2014: Program Manager, Conflict Resolution facilitator and Peace
Educator, PeacePlayers International- Middle East, Jerusalem.
2009-2011: Lecturer, Bethlehem University, Bethlehem, Palestine.
2010: Coordinator and Project Manager for art classes and summer camps,
Alhoash Gallery, Jerusalem.
2008-2011: Art Teacher, Counselor & Project manager, Youth Wing, Israel
Museum, Jerusalem.
2009: Photography teacher for people with special needs, Shekel Institute,
2006-2008: Counselor ‘for children and adults with disabilities’, Elwin, Jerusalem
2004-2010: Lectures Translator; Hebrew-Arabic-English, Bezalel Academy of
Arts & Design, Jerusalem.


 2013: Stage manager, Scenography, Fashion design and Make-up design,“Out of Place”- Dance Theatre show, Diyar Dance Theatre, Bethlehem, Palestine.

2014: Scenography, Fashion design, Make-up design, “Boesman and Lena” by Athul Fugard, Diyar Dance Theatre, Bethlehem, Palestine.

Grants and Awards:
2010: Commission Grant, Palestinian Art Court- Alhoash, Jerusalem, Israel. 2009: Commission Grant, Al-Quds Arab Capital of Culture, Ramallah, Palestine.

2008: Certificate for Excellence, BFA Degree, Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem, Israel.

Selected Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions:

2018: Aesthetics and Bias, Arsenal Gallery, Poznan, Poland.

2016: Les parfums de l’intranquillité, Hôtel des Arts - Centre d'art du Département du Var, Toulon, France.

2016: What`s Next, Palestinian Art Court- Al Hoash, Jerusalem. 

2015: Maria Maria, ADA Project Space, Jerusalem.

2015: The Gift, Al Maamal Gallery, Jerusalem.

2015: Palestine Booth, Milan Expo, Italy.

2015: Vanishing Point, Bait al Karma Art Gallery, Haifa, Israel.

2015: NOUS N'ÉTIONS PAS OBLIGÉS DE NOUS AIMER, ENSBA Lyon, as part of Lyon Biennale 2015, France.

2015: The show must go Nonnes, Refectories de Nonnes, Lyon, France.

2014: Wisdom of Crowds, Holiday of Holidays Festival, Bait al Karma

Gallery- Haifa, Israel.

2014: Manam, Arab Culture Center Gallery-Haifa, as part of Qalandiya

International 2, Haifa, Israel.

2014: Mapping Procession, Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center Gallery- Ramallah, as part of Qalandiya International 2, Palestine.

2014: Home Base Project, as part of Nano Residency- Jerusalem.

2014: Plaster 2, Jaffa Art Salon (Hanger 2), Jaffa-Tel Aviv, Israel.

2014: City Slivers, Virtual Exhibition, Jerusalem.

2013: Effervescence, Nahum Gutman Museum, Jaffa-Tel Aviv, Israel.

2012: Safe Harbor, Hacubia Gallery, Manofim art festival, Jerusalem.

2012: TERRA NOVA, Art Gallery Bat-Yam, Bat Yam, Israel.

2012: Shifts, Mono-Drama, Aat Festival, Al-Balad Theatre, Amman, Jordan.

2012: Basta, Muslala Mix Festival, Jerusalem.

2011: Certified Copy, Holiday of the Holidays Festival, Bait Alkarma, Haifa,


2011: Force would vanich- from the relations of men- “To Go Lost”, Action field- Kodra,as part of Thessaloniki Biennale, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2011: The Other, Sophia Church, Stockholm, Sweden.

2011: Women from the north, French Cultural Center, Nazareth, Israel.

2011: Water Roof, Musrara Mix festival, Jerusalem.

2011: “To Go Lost”, MFA exhibition, Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2011: Casino Ayalon, Bezalel Gallery, Jaffa, Israel.

2010: Erase & Cut, Open Studio, Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, Ramallah, Palestine.

2010: Road 443, as part of the Jerusalem Show, Palestinian Art Court- Al Hoash, association with Al-ma’amal Gallery, Jerusalem.

2010:Modernity in our Lives, center for Kultur OD Udviklim, CKU, Denmark.

2010: Modernity in our Lives, The Palestinian Art Court - AlHoash In cooperation with Al-Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art, Filisteen Elshabab, Jeel Publishing and Khalil AlSakakini Cultural Center, Ramallah, Palestine.

2010: Tsiona, Manofim, Jerusalem, Israel.

2010: Dissonance, Aesthetics and Bias, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem.

2010: Canons and Muses, Tokyo, Japan.

2009: Walk Stick, Open Studio, Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center’s Gallery,

Ramallah, Palestine.

2009: In Between, Riwaq Biennale, Riwaq Foundation In association with Kahlil Sakakini Cultural Center, Beir Zeit, Palestine.

2008: Confession, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.

2007: Home, UNIACC, Santiago de Chile, Chile.


Solo Exhibitions:

2009: Evanescence Moment, Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center Gallery,

Ramallah, Palestine.

2009: Evanesence Moment, Mahmoud Darwish's Gallery, Nazareth, Israel.

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