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Homage to my grandma


Nissreen Najjar.jpg

Digital Photography , 122*84cm, 2013.

Nisreen's work, Homage to Grandma `Nayfeh`, authors between philosophies and generational stories, the history and present injustices between fantasy and reality. Najjar is creating out from the story of her grandmother describing the story of Nazareth in 1948. According to the legend of the generation of 48, it was Maria who prevented the Hagana soldiers to enter the city, conquer and expel its Palestinian, while all the surrounding villages were destroyed and their inhabitants were exiled. This generation believes that the sanctity of Nazareth floating on the city and Maria is standing at the gate during the first watch of the night, changing the route of entry to the city, and protects Nazareth from harm. Najjar, who grew up in the lap of her grandmother's story, goes to the new highway, Route Sixty that was paved in order to have easy access to the Jewish Upper Nazareth. New road injures the landscape and ruin the texture highlands, reflects the way to the aggressive actions of the Israeli planners who are not attentive to nature and landscape, but raping it. Along this path Najjar seeks to create a new urban legend while she is criticizing the Israeli aggression and also beautifying the reality of the generation of the Palestinian survivors. She links between the crimes of the past and insensitivity, as well insensitivity of the Israeli present to romanticize tragedy and disguising failure opposition of the Palestinians, as she is taking a photo of Maria at some point along the new road. Perhaps would be again the sacred succeed to stop the Israeli aggression which is sharp and denies, relating to people, landscape and nature the same degree of numbness.

By Dr. Rona Sela

Nissreen Najjar .jpg
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