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Route 443

Route 443, Palestian Art, Nissreen Najjar

“Route 443”, 2010. Tar- Mixed media.


The street combines between the resistance of hegemony and co-existence as both are two vital strategies for living. In spite of the contradiction between resistance and co-existence, conflict remains hidden and surfaces only when imbalance results from the political, social and cultural clashes between the Palestinian and Israeli societies. The street is full of eloquent honesty and calm confidence. Here the street appears in silent scenes, with wide open confused eyes and an expressionless face. The street is detached from reality, embodying the notion that there is no absolute reality in the world but different realities woven by imagination as if we exist in an amusement park. This deceptive truth may make spectators feel confused regarding the conflict: a Palestinian street in Israel living in a nation that is not its own - the lost past and the agonizing present.



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